Famous Astrologer Gives Us Her Predictions For The Presidential Election

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At least six million people rely on Susan Miller at Astrology Zone for guidance every month. 

She’s checked out the charts for the presidential election in November, and the results are in:

Miller predicts this race will be much like the Al Gore/George W. Bush mess back in 2000, with a “too close to call” race. 

“From what I’m seeing in my charts I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama//Romney race went all the way to the Supreme Court yet again,” Miller said. “It will also probably be too close to call.”

The election will also see even more machine break-downs and misplaced ballots, she said, explaining that Mercury will turn retrograde on the night of the election, which could keep things from going smoothly.

“The reason we have astrology is to plan, so the people running the election should keep this in mind and check all their systems now,” Miller told us over lunch.

She also said that Obama historically shares a sign with more presidents, who tend to be Aquarius, Scorpio or Leo.

“Because he’s a Leo, he is a good leader who sticks to the plan, which is something Americans like,” Miller said. “He’s unlikely to change his mind.”

Romney, a Pisces, might be better in crisis because he’d be more flexible to others’ input, Miller added.

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