Aston Martin's top-secret Lagonda Taraf super-sedan is finally here -- but America still can't have one

A few months ago, Aston Martin debuted a mysterious super sedan and told the public and the press absolutely nothing about the engines, interior, or performance.

Heck, they didn’t even bother to reveal the name.

That’s because they didn’t have to. The car was made available to wealthy customers in the Middle East — and even then it was only by invitation.

Just by virtue of sheer exclusivity, it could drive like an 18th century ox cart and no one invited to would say no.

Fortunately for us, Aston has decided to not only reveal the name of their mysterious super sedan — the “Lagonda Taraf” — but they have also provided a broad range of information about the car.

It’s the first production car to feature the Lagonda name in nearly 30 years, and based on what we’ve seen it’s certainly worthy of the badge.

At the heart of the Taraf is Aston Martin’s trusty 6.0 liter AM29 V12 engine. Although exact horsepower figures have not been officially released, Aston says the car will be in the same ballpark as the 552 ponies in the company’s Rapide S.

Official pricing for the Lagonda has also not been released, but due to the highly bespoke nature of the car, it will vary greatly. In fact, it will likely cost somewhere between the $US450,000 Aston charged for its limited production V12 Zagato and the $US1.7 million it asked for its One-77 hypercar.

However, the biggest news concerning the the Taraf is that the company will now make it available to customers outside the Middle East. Which means those with the means to in Continental Europe, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Africa can get their hands on one of these exclusive machines.

“Opening up the Lagonda Taraf to an increased number of customers around the world was a high priority for me as soon as I joined Aston Martin late last year,” Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said.

“I wanted to be able to offer this exceptional saloon to the potential owners from around the globe who have been enquiring about it, and I’m very happy that we have been able to expand the Lagonda proposition.”

That is unless you are in America. At this point, Aston doesn’t plan on bringing the Lagonda Taraf to the US market. Which is a real pity.

I’m sure there are more than a few American Aston owners who would love to have one of the 200 hand-built super sedans.

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