Aston Martin just unveiled its first $120,000 motorcycle, the AMB 001. And only 100 will be made.

  • Aston Martin just unveiled its first motorcycle: the AMB 001.
  • The carbon-fibre motorbike was made in partnership with English motorcycle-maker Brough Superior.
  • AMB 001 has 180 horsepower and a MSRP of about $US119,559, not including a 20% VAT.
  • Only 100 examples will be made.
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Aston Martin revealed its first motorcycle, the AMB 001, created in partnership with the English motorcycle-maker Brough Superior.

The same people who design Aston Martin’s cars worked on the track-only AMB 001. This “full breadth of experience” is shown in the creation of the bike, according to Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman in a statement.

“This is what we believe a cutting-edge motorcycle should be and we are very proud to see the Aston Martin wings on a motorcycle for the first time,” Reichman said.

“The finished product is a truly beautiful motorcycle; a design and engineering work of art.”

AMB 001 also serves as the first product of the Aston Martin-Borough Superior partnership.

Keep scrolling to see the new, sleek two-wheeler, which was revealed at the EICMA Motorcycle Show:

The turbocharged” motorcycle has 180 horsepower and a dry weight of about 397 pounds.

It dons the traditional Aston Martin Racing colours: Stirling Green and Lime Essence.

The wheels, double wishbone front forks, and brake assemblies are matte black.

The hand-stitched saddle is made of Oxford Tan leather pads like that of a luxury car, according to the automaker. It also matches the handcrafted leather handlebar grips.

It has a carbon fibre fin that was inspired by the side strake on Aston Martin cars. The wings attached to the front of the bike’s cowl provides aerodynamic downforce, according to the automaker.

“Taking their inspiration from the new series of mid-engined Aston Martin cars, the Aston Martin Design team worked on clear principles of form and function, where design and engineering had to work together, resulting in a motorcycle that is a high performance work of art,” the automaker said in a statement.

The iconic Aston Martin stainless steel wings sits on the motorcycle’s nose and tank.

The bikes are being built in the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France.

Only 100 examples will be made.

The AMB 001 starts at €108,000, about $US119,559, not including a 20% VAT. First deliveries are set for late 2020.

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