A journalist filed an assault complaint against the Mizzou professor who confronted him

On Monday, Mark Schierbecker filmed a video that went viral. The video showed University of Missouri professor Melissa Click blocking him and other journalists from filming a protest on campus, calling for “muscle” to remove them by force, and then grabbing and pushing Schierbecker’s camera after he tried to assert his right to be there.

Now, Schierbecker, a student journalist, said he filed an assault complaint against Click with university police.

“I talked to MUPD last night. I’ve done everything that’s required of me and it will be official if it isn’t already,” Schierbecker said. “I’m told it will be at least for simple assault, municipal, but it could be quite a lot more.”

Since the video was made public, Click, who is an assistant professor of mass media at the university, resigned from her courtesy appointment with Mizzou’s journalism school. Click has reportedly apologised to Schierbecker in person, but the student said he still hopes charges will be pressed against the professor.

The protesters had been calling for the resignation of University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe for the way he handled an uptick in racist incidents reported on campus. He resigned that day.

Story and editing by Andrew Fowler