You should definitely see 'Assassination Nation,' which is a wild ride best described as 'The Purge' meets 'Spring Breakers'

Sundance Institute‘Assassination Nation.’
  • “Assassination Nation” is a frightening look at what it’s like to be a young person in America today.
  • It starts out like “Spring Breakers” and ends like one of the sequels from “The Purge.”

Every weekend we pick an indie movie currently playing in theatres we think is definitely worth your time and money, and this week’s is “Assassination Nation.”

I don’t know if I ever want to see “Assassination Nation” ever again, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend it to you.

This shock-and-awe indie genre movie from director Sam Levinson (son of Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson) is a blitz to the senses as it explores the dark side of teenage life in 2018 America.

Set in the sleepy town of Salem, high school senior Lily (Odessa Young) and her friends pass the time before the school year ends by being on their phones and partying hard. But when people in the town are suddenly hit with a data hack of all their personal information, suddenly all human decency is gone and Salem becomes hate-filled. What becomes a movie that has the feel of “Spring Breakers,” with young people having a good time, leads to something out of one of “The Purge” movies. And Lily and her friends end up being at the center of it all.

Filled with lots of guns, lots of blood, and lots of texting, this is a movie that examines America’s vices on an ultra-violent level and at numerous moments while watching this you’ll question if Levinson is trying to warn us if a Salem could happen or if he’s showing us that it’s already happening.

See where “Assassination Nation” is playing near you.

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