Assad's Father In Law: The Syrian Uprising Is Just Like Last Year's London Riots


Photo: AP

Andrew Gilligan has a fascinating interview in the Telegraph with Fawaz Akhras, the father of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s wife Asma.The London-based Dr Akhras, a high-ranking cardiologist, tells Gilligan that the uprising in Syria and the brutal government response is just like the riots in London last Summer.

“When the London riots burst out and Mr Cameron said he would get the army out, now would you compare that to Homs?”

“What would you do? Just watch them killing you? You have a responsibility to ensure the security of your people.”

The riots in London resulted in 5 deaths and thousands of arrests — somewhat lower than the Syrian conflicts 7,000 death toll. Despite reports at the time, the British police were never given rubber bullets or water guns used in other countries, and the army never got involved.

When told the UK police did not kill anyone, Dr Akhras responded “We are not as sophisticated as the Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard.”

For video of the situation in Homs, Syria, click here >

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