People are baffled by a ‘plastic bag’ ASOS shirt that’s completely see-through

The ASOS men’s transparent T-shirt that some people are calling a plastic bag or garbage ‘bin liner’ with a collar. ASOS

Online fashion brand ASOS is selling a $US25 transparent T-shirt made out of what appears to be plastic, and it’s leaving some people baffled.

The crewneck shirt, available in the ASOS men’s section, is described on the website as being an “oversized T-shirt with half sleeves in transparent fabric,” and that it’s ideal “for those see-through vibes.”

In terms of caring for the garment, the website says the shirt is “wipe clean only.”

Asos clear t-shirt plastic bag shirt
The ASOS ‘oversized t-shirt with half sleeve in transparent fabric,’ which retails for $US25 at the time of writing. ASOS

Confused online shoppers have taken to social media to poke fun at the see-through garment

“I’m glad ASOS wanted me to know about their sale but Aldi have plastic bags for way cheaper,” wrote one Twitter user, sharing an advertisement for the clear shirt.

Another Twitter user shared a photo of the clear shirt, writing: “Why is there a man wearing a bin liner for a T-shirt?”

“@ASOS have put a collar on a plastic bag, I can’t think of any occasion I would wear this,” one user wrote in a tweet.

Monty Geer, who starred in MTV’s “Awkward,” compared the shirt to a shopping bag, writing in a tweet and Instagram post: “Great news, @asos is now selling plastic bags as clothing. So if you’re like me, and you hate buying bags at the grocery store AND wearing clothes than this terrible shirt idea can help.”

Geer then shared another tweet about the shirt, alluding to the environmental effects of disposable plastic, writing: “Turtles are going to look sooo trendy choking on these.”

In light of environmental concerns, ASOS appears to be taking a step toward promoting sustainability. The brand shared on Twitter on Tuesday that it’s planning to cut out “anything unnecessary” and reduce plastic in its packaging.

ASOS appears to sell similar men’s shirts in transparent, plastic-like fabrics

The plastic shirt that’s sparking confusion online isn’t the only one available in the ASOS men’s section.

There’s another T-shirt with a similar silhouette that has a white transparent fabric, offering only slightly more coverage than the original plastic shirt.

The brand also sells a transparent T-shirt and tank in black, which is tinted minimally darker than the white and clear shirts.

Asos shirt transparent
The ASOS ‘festival relaxed sleeveless t-shirt’ with transparent fabric. ASOS

Representatives for ASOS did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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