Twitter Users Are Asking The Company's CEO All Kinds Of Insane Questions Today

It started off simply enough. CNBC is interviewing Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at 4 p.m. ET today and invited Twitter users to send in their questions using the hashtag #AskCostolo.

Investor Paul Kedrosky noticed the mischief, and it snowballed from there:

New York Times writer Mike Isaac got the ball rolling pretty hard:

NBC weatherman Ryan Phillips commented on Costolo’s lack of Twitter verification:

Here’s one from way out of left field:

Everyone’s a comedian!

Here’s one question we’d love to see Costolo answer — Twitter hotshots love the @darth account and no one knows who’s behind it.

Here’s an example of why people love @darth:

A question about names:

Nothing like a good Elvis Costello joke:

Who knows what this one’s about…

Short and to the point:

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