Ask Henry Blodget Anything!


As you probably know from reading the site, we’re partners with American Express OPEN Forum, which is a site dedicated to small business.

Well, this month American Express has asked me to answer any questions OPEN Forum readers might have.  And inasmuch as I’m going to be answering questions, I figured it would be fun to answer them from you, too.

The questions can be about anything—small business, online marketing, management, startups, journalism, fund-raising, technology, the Internet, investing, etc.

(Bear in mind that American Express is a family-friendly company, so keep ’em clean, keep ’em clean!)

Prior to starting Business Insider, I worked on Wall Street for a decade as a tech stock analyst and investment banker and then wrote a book about investing. (And as most of you know, I also managed to get myself thrown out of the securities industry, which is certainly not something I’m proud of.)  I’d be happy to answer questions about those topics, too.

You can send in your questions to this email address: [email protected].  Thanks in advance! 

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