8 Huge Trends That Define The Future Of Asia


These days everyone is talking about Asian demographics. It’s how we justify why countries like Korea are leaving countries like England in the dust.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has published a mega-report, which identifies 8 key trends in Asia for the next decade. These include a population shift, growing public sector spending and increasing dependence on fossil fuels.

Urbanization boosts growth and equity market returns. PRO TIP: China, Vietnam and Bangladesh will lead the wave of urbanization

Korea leads a surge in R&D spending. PRO TIP: China and India will be desperate to catch up.

Young countries will outperform the old countries. PRO TIP: India, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia look good. Meanwhile China is ageing

Crop yields will (have to) rise. PRO TIP: India and the ASEAN countries have the furthest to go

Inequality and disease will cause instability. PRO TIP: The threat is huge in Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka

Health care and education spending will rise. PRO TIP: South Asian education spending is disproportionately low

Telecom and technology spending will increase. PRO TIP: India and Indonesia have a huge upside

Everyone is getting hooked on fossil fuels. PRO TIP: China is still reliant on coal and has a long way to go

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