Japan's Closed, Australia's Up, US Futures Are Way Down

Asian markets are open, and Australia has followed U.S. futures into negative territory.
The S&P/ASX 200 was off -0.62%, which closely tails U.S. S&P futures, which are now down -0.77%.

Korea’s Kospi opened higher, turned red, and how now settled at +0.02%.

The Nikkei is closed.

Chinese export data unexpectedly fell over the weekend.

And we told you how negotiations in Washington have moved backward somewhat this weekend:

The mood is more grim than it was on Friday, when it looked like a bipartisan deal hatched by Maine Senator Susan Collins could make it out of the Senate. That optimism led to huge market rallies on Thursday and Friday of last week, and now it looks likely that equity markets will give some of that back, as negotiations have gone in reverse over the weekend.

Stay tuned for Chinese CPI data in about an hour.

U.S. data will remain spotty this week as the shutdown continues — click here for our full preview ยป

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