A chart made from the leaked Ashley Madison data reveals which states in the US like to cheat the most

Since the leak of hacked data from extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, many revelations have come out about the world’s cheating habits.

We learned that hundreds of Ashley Madison subscribers were probably U.S. government employees, and that a whopping 15,000 of the email addresses were linked to either the military or the government.

But some of the most interesting pieces of data come from examining the differences between regions. We already looked at what cities around the world had the most cheaters, but now data scientist Jake Popham has examined which states in the U.S. like to cheat the most.

This graph shows each U.S. state organised by how many dollars they spent on Ashley Madison per capita. Alabama leads the charge, along with Colorado and Washington D.C. (though it’s not technically a state). At the bottom are West Virginia, Mississippi, and Idaho.

These are the most unfaithful states in America.

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