Ashley Alexandra Dupre's New Money-Making Idea: Lawsuits

When last we’d heard from Eliot Spitzer’s friend Ashley Alexandra Dupre, we were sceptical that the instant windfalls we kept hearing she was about to receive would ever pan out.

Stories that she was making a mint from her digital music careers weren’t true. And we worried that her ability to sell her story, or her pictures, was hampered by the fact that everyone had already heard her story and seen her pictures.

She seems to have agreed: She’s now suing teen nudity mogul Joe “Girls Gone Wild” Francis for $10 million. AP:

[Ashley], 22, contended in the lawsuit that she was only 17 — too young to sign legally binding contracts — and drunk on spring break in 2003 when she agreed to be filmed for “Girls Gone Wild” in Miami Beach.

Dupre “did not understand the magnitude of her actions, nor that her image and likeness would be displayed in videos and DVDs,” says the lawsuit filed by Miami attorney Richard C. Wolfe….

Francis made a public $1 million offer for Dupre to appear in a “Girls Gone Wild” video and go on a promotional tour, then rescinded the offer after he realised he already had footage of Dupre from 2003. Dupre’s lawyer warned she was only 17 when the video was shot, not 18 as Francis claimed.

Francis said in March that Dupre spent a week on a “Girls Gone Wild” bus and made seven full-length tapes after signing release papers. He also said he bought her a bus ticket home to North Carolina.

Francis said he was surprised by the lawsuit.


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