Ashley Alexandra Dupre: Not Rich Yet, Probably Won't Ever Be

Remember all that money Ashley Alexandra Dupre was going to make? It’s disappearing, fast. As we noted before, Ashley has made plenty of money for media outlets, but hasn’t seen a penny of it herself. And given that her story is now… yawn… a couple weeks old, it will be increasingly hard for her to cash in. Ad Age:

“Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis was prepared to pay her $1 million to appear in the company’s new magazine, but then rescinded the offer when it was discovered she was already in one of the company’s videotapes from 2003. Even the Orlando Sentinel discovered it had a topless image of her from a story that year on the “Girls Gone Wild” series. Us Weekly posted more than 50 photos of her from a “modelling” shoot on its website last week.

But by the end of the week, most websites and blogs had let stories about her slip to the bottoms or back pages of their news sites. The Spitzer scandal began and essentially ended within days, said Rita Tateel, president of the Celebrity Source, which matches stars with corporate events and campaigns. “Unlike Monica Lewinsky, who had a little bit more of 15 minutes because Bill Clinton did not resign, here Ashley has more like eight minutes.” And even that may be too generous given the speed of media cycles today.

Is anything still on the table? Ad Age seems to think that a “low six-figure” offer from Georgi Vodka may still be available, and helpfully offers itself up as Ashley’s agent, since she doesn’t seem to have one. It offers Ashley up to, which isn’t interested. But the people who make One condoms might be. Or least marketing manager Jared Fennelly says they might be: “Yeah, absolutely we would talk about something like that.”

We’d previously pooh-poohed the prospects of Ashley making much money from her music sales: At best, we figured, she’s going to make a few thousand bucks from her downloads. But at this rate that may be one of her biggest pay days.

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