Here's Why Asheville, NC Is Quickly Becoming The Craft Beer Capital Of America


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Craft beer companies need brewery-friendly local infrastructure to be successful, and lately they’ve been flocking to one such place in North Carolina, reports Emily Badger at Fast Company.Asheville, the state’s 11th largest city, has a population of around 83,000 people and has all the things that a brewery needs: space, easy access to road and rail, and good water. 

But there are tons of locations on the East Coast that have those three things, so what’s so great about Asheville?

It’s the culture. Most craft beer brands are want to project the same personality that Asheville is known for — it’s progressive, artsy and outdoorsy. “The progressiveness occasionally moves into a downright touchy-feely hippie vibe,” notes The Chicago Tribune.

Asheville’s latest big scores were America’s second- and third-largest craft beer makers — Sierra Nevada (from California) and New Belgium (from Colorado). They’re both planning to open new East Coast breweries in the area. The community in and around Asheville is home to nine other craft breweries as well.

Sierra Nevada communications manager Bill Manley explains his company’s reasoning to Fast Company:

“We really feel that the culture here is just a really important part of how we make our beer, how we get inspired to do the things we’re going to do. It’s impossible to take what we do here and transplant it to a different part of the country that doesn’t have that kind of cultural influence and expect to be making the same kind of product.”

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