As Square Expands Oversees, Jack Dorsey's Startup Is Suddenly Dealing With A Lot Of Executive Turnover

jack dorsey

Jack Dorsey’s payments startup Square is expanding beyond North America, entering the Japanese market.

With the growth comes growing pains.

Jason Del Rey of All Things D reports that Dorsey’s company has, in recent weeks and months, dealt with a sudden rash of executive turnover.

First, COO Keith Rabois split amid accusations of sexual harassment.

Then, more recently, a big Square hire quit before he even started.

Del Rey:

That was Alex Petrov, who Square announced just three weeks ago was supposed to be the startup’s new vice president of partnerships. But he actually never started working at Square and will not be joining the company, a spokesperson confirmed.

Finally, Square also just lost Alyssa Cutright the company’s vice president of international.

She’d only joined a year ago, after coming over from rival Paypal.

There’s no reason to panic over all these departures – again, growth means growing pains – but Dorsey can’t be happy having to fill seats he thought he’d already found people for.

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