Italian football club AS Roma has banned its players from taking pictures with Drake because he's so unlucky

The theory that Drake jinxes athletes whenever he is photographed with them, or curses sports teams whenever he supports them, refuses to go away.

Italian soccer club AS Roma has even banned its players from socialising with the rapper, as it seemingly does not want anything – normal or paranormal – getting in the way of its hunt for a qualification spot into next season’s lucrative UEFA Champions League competition.

The Champions League is Europe’s grandest soccer tournament, and its winner could end up $US75 million richer in prize money alone. It is fair to say Roma wants its players focused as the team is currently fifth in the Serie A, and must finish fourth or higher if it is to reach next season’s Champions League.

One way to stay focused is to stay clear of Drake, apparently.

The wildly popular Canadian, renowned for smash hit singles like “Back to Back” and “In My Feelings,” was seen with the Paris Saint-Germain full backLayvin Kurzawa last week.

In PSG’s next match, the dominant Ligue 1 leader suffered a defeat – only its second of the season – when it got humbled 5-1 by Lille.

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In a tweet published this week, Roma responded by saying: “All Roma players banned from taking photos with Drake until the end of the season.”

Roma is renowned for its viral social media strategy, and has gone viral before for mocking Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine with it’s own brutal 2.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. schedule.

Therefore, it’s likely Roma’s post is a Twitter stunt, rather than actual club policy.

Regardless, the Drake curse appears to be a very real thing.

After all, Drake has pledged support to the University of Kentucky and the Toronto Raptors in the past, but neither basketball team has enjoyed championship success since.

Drake’s curse transcended basketball and infiltrated combat sports when he was photographed holding the Irish flag aloft for his friend Conor McGregor at the UFC weigh-in for the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight at UFC 229 in October, 2018. But McGregor was conclusively beaten and submitted in the fourth round of a wild fight.

Poor Drake.

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