As Goes The Hummer, So Goes The Nation

The New York Times runs a colourful profile today of Jim Lynch, a Hummer dealer in St. Louis. Mr. Lynch was the nations biggest Hummer dealer at one point, but that’s all out the window now.

Lynch tries to make his argument on behalf of keeping his beloved Hummer alive, but it’s of no use. GM has put the line out to pasture, and is hoping it can sell off the brand. If not, it might just shutter it all together.

With the economy stuck in a rut that even a Hummer couldn’t drive out of, few people want to be seen wheeling around in an oversized 10 mile a gallon tank. The Hummer is the ultimate in conspicuous consumption–a pointless wastoid of a machine that was obnoxious during the boom years and is embarassing in the lean times.

The Hummer is a signal of where we are as a country. We lived a sheltered existence for the past few years. Things that should have hurt us bounced off us, leaving a negligible scratch. But that’s over for the next few years. We can’t burn down the house forever and expect no reprecussions. It’s time to move on and put terrible ideas to bed.

[Image Via Treehugger Via Hummerguy]

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