As Expected, iTunes Subscription Service A No-Show (AAPL)

We called it: An all-you-can-eat iTunes subscription service wasn’t part of Steve Jobs’ “Let’s Rock” keynote today. As SAI’s Peter Kafka reported in August:

Now several bloggers believe that Steve’s going to introduce a music subscription service — a reheat of a story that surfaced earlier this year. The Industry Standard summarizes the tales here, but we can save you some time: We’ve checked with a variety of music executives at major labels, and none of them have heard about it. Not happening.

Will Apple (AAPL) release a subscription service someday? Sure, it’s possible — especially if Nokia’s (NOK) forthcoming “Comes With Music” service ever gets any traction. But not today. Meanwhile, we hear that Microsoft (MSFT) is probably going to lower the price of its Zune Pass subscription service — a sign that sales aren’t off the charts.

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