An artist turns trashed mattresses into sculptures that look good enough to eat

Facebook/Lor-KFrench artist Lor-K made this waffle out of a discarded mattress.

Most of us go to great lengths to avoid those mattresses tossed out on the street (because bedbugs.) French artist Lor-K, however, turns them into art.

In a series of photos posted to her Facebook page, Lor-K has been documenting her latest series, EAT ME. The basic gist: She finds an abandoned mattress, slices it open, and transforms it into a giant food-shaped sculpture that she displays right on the footpaths of Paris.

Here are a few of her most incredible works. For GIFs of the actual construction process, visit her official website.

Here's a giant slice of pizza, complete with bell peppers, mushrooms, and one black olive.

This cupcake features sprinkles made out of mattress foam.

This is a closeup of a waffle -- note the powdered sugar detail.

No sushi roll is complete without a dollop of wasabi on the side.

You'd never know this layered pastry started out as a stained, lumpy mattress.

Here's a process shot showing the construction of a sandwich. The secret? Scissors, a hand saw, and a whole lot of spray paint.

And here's the final product, a half eaten sandwich.

This is a whole new kind of street meat.

One man's trash is another one's giant kebab.

The streets of Paris have never looked more delicious.

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