This artist transforms real people into Disney-like cartoons, and the results are unreal

Courtesy JoaslinOne of Joaslin’s transformations.
  • Joaslin transforms photographs of real people into Disney-like characters.
  • She achieves her glossy, computerised style with the assistance of a digital tablet and Photoshop.
  • Through her transformations, Joaslin aims for “unique colours” and uses a style that she has been developing for years.

Joaslin is a Madagascar-born, French artist who specialises in Disney-like, computerised transformations of real people.

She shares her artwork on Instagram, where she has amassed almost 40,000 followers, and often shares snippets of the technique she uses to achieve her style.

Keep scrolling to see some of Joaslin’s most amazing works, including a custom-made transformation of me.

Joaslin is a Madagascar-born, France-based artist who specialises in turning people into cartoon characters.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

This Instagram post‘s caption said, “This painting was made on a single layer! It was challenging to do and thanks to it I found out that there are some tricks to make you paint much faster!”

Her style is distinctly glossy, and she uses a digital tablet and Photoshop to achieve this look.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

To see just how Joaslin does it, check out her how-to videos on Linktree.

Joaslin has been developing her style for years.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

This portrait is actually animated.

She uses vibrant colours to completely “envelop her charming subjects,” she said in a Bored Panda post.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

“I bring out their cuteness during the semi-realistic creation process,” she wrote, “in which I aim for unique colours and style meticulously crafted for years.”

The result? Real life people turned into Disney-Pixar-like characters.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

Joaslin’s transformations have accumulated quite a following: almost 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

“Instagram is very visual, which is what us visual artists need,” Joaslin told INSIDER. “Instagram also has [the story feature] on which I provide a more day-to-day interaction with my audience, with art and random funny things that I live or find.”

Joaslin also shares her artwork on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyone — and anything — can inspire one of her transformations.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

Believe it or not, Joaslin doesn’t get too many requests from men. On Instagram, she wrote that this transformation was one of the “rare” exceptions.

Joaslin told INSIDER her favourite facial features to illustrate are eyes.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

“I love painting eyes, obviously,” she told INSIDER. “The time that takes me to paint can vary. Some paintings require many hours to make, a big majority take around seven to eight hours, and some of the biggest artworks require weeks and sometimes months, depending on the complexity of the piece.”

Check out these sun-drenched peepers.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

And this woman’s electric green eyes.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

Joaslin exaggerates peoples’ standout features in order to make the cartoon versions accurate.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

And Joaslin is self-taught. She told INSIDER, “At school I always was THAT person who drew well. I haven’t been to any art school – I taught myself how to make art with years and years of practice and the help of the internet.”

And in some cases, she alters features to make them even more fantastical.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

This woman’s hair went from auburn to bright red.

Joaslin likes to give fictional characters her own spin, too.

Courtesy JoaslinGroot from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Here, she’s rendered her own artistic interpretation of Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” She’s also turned the Starbucks logo into her own Disney-like creation.

And she’s completely transformed No-Face from “Spirited Away.”

Courtesy JoaslinNo-Face from ‘Spirited Away.’

But at the end of the day, real people are her bread and butter.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

“People I follow and people around are really kind and inspire me. Sometimes they don’t even know it … when they’re talking about something, they paint pictures in my mind and they don’t even realise that they are collaborating with me,” Joaslin told INSIDER.

Joaslin’s attention to detail is what makes her illustrations look truly animated.

Courtesy JoaslinBefore and after.

According to her Instagram post, this transformation took her weeks to complete.

Joaslin even transformed me …

Courtesy JoaslinCartoon of Melina.

… and it is very accurate.

Courtesy JoaslinMelina’s before and after.

Follow Joaslin on Instagram to see more of her artwork.


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