These Are The Smallest Works Of Art We Have Ever Seen

Tiny Paintings Hasan Kale

Turkish artist Hasan Kale paints gorgeous, miniature paintings on teeny, tiny surfaces, ranging from small pills to the wings of butterflies and beetles.

His subjects are predominantly water scenes and cityscapes of Istanbul, and he hand-paints all of his art using a small artist’s brush and no magnifying glass.

The paintings are so detailed that to prove their authenticity, Kale has uploaded numerous videos of himself at work to his Facebook page.

He shared some highlights from his collection with Business Insider.

Many of Hasan Kale's tiny paintings are on the wings of butterflies.

This could easily be a renaissance painting, except that it's on a cashew.

If you look closely, you can see a cityscape on the beetle's wings.

Here's another on a pasta noodle.

A sailboat floats in rocky waters on this coffee bean.

A dried seahorse was used as the canvas for this sunset painting.

The candy coating gave a smooth surface for this horizon scene.

Kale painted this entire feather.

He used a pill for another of his paintings.

Here's a close up of the detail through a magnifying glass.

Can you spot the painting amidst all the seeds?

Another butterfly lends its wings to Kale's brushstrokes.

The Statue of Liberty makes an appearance on a pumpkin seed.

And a cityscape winds delicately around a seashell.

And here's a video of Kale at work.

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