This artist transformed 100 CPU fans into a mesmerising sculpture

In his latest work, artist and designer George Zisiadis uncovers the beauty in something ubiquitous: the plastic computer fan.

The kinetic sculpture, called “Phyxel,” is made from a grid of 100 CPU fans, which are commonly used to keep computers from overheating. 

“I draw constant inspiration from closely examining the common things we overlook every day,” he tells Tech Insider. “A CPU fan is so utilitarian and unassuming — but arranged in a certain way it becomes beautiful and poetic.”

To make the piece, Zisiadis arranged the plastic fans in a 10 by 10 matrix and mounted them on a wooden frame. The entire piece is four square feet and about six inches deep.

All of the fans are connected to a preset controller that dictates the way they spin. A complex system of wires pokes out from the back of the piece.

In the front, the fans whirl in a sporadic, lively fashion.

The work re-frames an object that computer owners use every day. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change,” Zisiadis says.

The result is a mesmerising work of art that’s anything but mundane.

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