Artificial Intelligence Is The Next Frontier For Social Networks

Social networks are capturing a phenomenal amount of data on their users. But the vast majority of that information is unstructured and can’t easily be put to use.

Now, though, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are beginning to use artificial intelligence techniques to build out their “deep learning” capacities. They’re starting to process all the activity occurring over their networks, from conversations, to photo facial recognition, to gaming activity.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we show how advances in cutting-edge artificial intelligence research, which program machines to perform high-level thought and abstractions, are helping social networks and their advertisers glean insights from this vast ocean of unstructured consumer data. Thanks to deep learning, social media has the potential to become far more personalised. New marketing fields are quickly emerging, too: audience clustering, predictive marketing, and sophisticated brand sentiment analysis.

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Here are some of the major acquisitions and hires from the AI field that occurred in recent months:

In full, the report:

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