Art Cashin Remembers Whitney Houston, YOLO, And Gangnam-Style In His Hilarious Yearend Poem

art cashin

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Art Cashin, a legendary Wall Street trader and currently UBS Financial Services Director of Floor Operations, has a couple of traditions that everyone follows.One of his more anticipated traditions is his annual yearend poem in which he reflects on the year that just passed.

Here’s Cashin’s 2012 poem from this morning’s Cashin’s Comments:

‘Tis four days yet to New Year
but despite what you’re hopin’
The folks in the Board Room
say “the full eve we’ll stay open”
So we’ll buy and we’ll sell
as the tape crawls along
And though “Bubbly’s” verboten
we may still sing a song
Two Thousand and Twelve
had some spots of high hopes
They may get fumbled away
by those Washington dopes
The Prez and the Speaker
called each other a stiff
Then went home for Christmas
as we slid toward that cliff
But hold it a minute
they’re all rushing back
Yet a sense of good feeling
they still seem to lack
We lost special people
as we seem to each year
It just makes us treasure
each one that’s still here
Jack Klugman’s messy Oscar
finally picked up his stuff
Even Dick Clark, thought eternal,
said that he’d had enough
Andy Williams, “Mr. Christmas”,
took his act up on high
And now Vidal Sassoon
just blows angel’s hair dry
Neil Armstrong who once gave us
a great leap for mankind
Joined Sally Ride for a trip
to the deepest space they could find
Whitney Houston joined angels
to sing a heavenly song
Rodney King followed after
we’re sure he’ll just get along
Larry Hagman, of Dallas
who dreamt of Jeannie before
Joined McCale’s Ernie Borgnine
on that celestial shore
Robin Gibb of the Bee Gee’s
and the Monkees Davy Jones
Left behind their gold records
and ascended some thrones
Now Mayberry’s Sheriff
Andy Griffith is gone
And Fang’s wife, Phyllis Diller
has also moved on
Harold Hill – a “Goodfella”
has pulled his last job
He’s in eternal protection
far away from the mob
As Joe Paterno departed
his great record was stained
Gone were decades of glory
just his silence remained
There were whackos with weapons
temples and theatres they defiled
And in a New England first grade
a madman murdered each child
We all stood in horror
none could full comprehend
We each hugged our kids closer
saying this madness must end
We had droughts and wildfires
storms and floods by the score
Seemed no region was spared
“climate change” claimed Al Gore
The Prez got re-elected
not as close as some thought
Donald Trump and some others
claimed the whole thing was bought
YOLO is a text slogan
means you only live once
But some folks abuse it
to act like a dunce
All over the nation
women hurried to pay
For three little volumes
about some Shades of Grey
A Korean Rapper
got WEB hits by the pile
As he waved and wiggled
in what he called Gangnam style
Clint Eastwood debated
a small empty chair
As most delegates wondered
just why he was there
Facebook finally went public
its debut was a flop
Nasdaq spewed out sell orders
that systems just wouldn’t stop
Shuttles went to museums
but we still reach for the stars
We landed a Rover
quite safely on Mars
Mitt went after Big Bird
Greek yogurt’s a craze
Taylor Swift and Adele
Keep young fans in a daze
The Supremes threw a curve ball
on some Obamacare facts
Where some saw a mandate
Roberts saw just a tax
Prince Harry in Vegas
played strip Billiards, he said
Friends quickly took pictures
but they were not of his head
Lance was stripped of his titles
and Petraeus resigned
Our heroes keep falling
and few new ones we find
Let not this year’s memories
of sadness or sleaze
Disturb you this day
just give your heart ease
Have faith that this New Year
will bring a new sign
And believe in yourself
it will all work out fine
Just lift up your spirits
and some fruit of the vine
And kiss ye a loved one
and sing Auld Lange Syne
And late Monday evening
as you watch the ball fall
Wish yourself all the best
Happy New Year to All!!