5 Art Cashin Brain Teasers That Will Drive You Nuts

Art Cashin

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Markets guru Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services’ director of floor operations at the NYSE, is a legend on the floor of the Big Board.He’s also known for his daily newsletter Cashin’s Comments

And in this Wall Street must-read he never forgets to include a fun piece of trivia at the end.

The questions are usually logic, maths or history related. 

They’re really fun, but they can get frustrating because he doesn’t reveal the answer until the following day.  Of course, everyone knows Google is for cheaters.  

We’ve compiled his latest trivia questions and will kick things off with last Friday’s question.

The answer is posted on each subsequent slide. Have fun!

Last Friday's Question

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod had a total of 60 silver dollars to buy a pig. The pig cost $72. They asked Barnaby for a loan. He agreed only if they could guess how many silver dollars he had. His hint - I have 3 fewer than the average if we took all our coins and divided them equally. How many did he have?

Source: Cashin's Comments


Trial and error and a little logic will lead to the answer - 19 was the average among the four.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Question

Alphabets and states (yet again). There are four state capitals that begin with the same letter as their state. What are they??

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Answer

The four states whose capital begins with the same letter as the state name are: Delaware (Dover); Indiana (Indianapolis); Oklahoma (Oklahoma City); and Hawaii (Honolulu).

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Question

This is a variant of a previous question where the price difference was a nickel. Mr. Chips wanders down to the local bank to cash his daily retirement check. Because they are both chatting, both he and the teller don't notice that she has reversed the cents for dollars and the dollars for cents. Mr. Chips later realises that he was given exactly 65 cents more than twice the amount of the original check. How much was the original check?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Answer

The original check was for $11.23 (we assume he doesn't live in the NYC area).

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Question

(A little tricky) - What number makes this grouping logical: 21, 8, 46, ___, 2, 92, 16, 42

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Answer

'What number makes this grouping logical' 21, 8, 46, ___, 2, 92, 16, 42? Ans: '1' the far left is 1/2 the far right, etc.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Question

Heir today, gone tomorrow. The ancient King of Numeria had a favourite stallion who grew old and was dying. The king offered each of his three sons half the entire kingdom if he would bring a fresh apple to the ailing horse exactly half the time the horse had left. If a son accepted the challenge but was off by more than one day, that son would be out of the will and banished. The oldest son declined saying no one knew how long the horse would live. The youngest son agreed and declined also. The middle son smiled, took the challenge and won easily. What did he probably do?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Answer

The middle son brought the ailing horse an apple every other day.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Friday's Question

David was on a sales trip and wound up eating dinner alone. He had a good steak and a wonderful but expensive bottle of wine (at least for eating alone). The bill before tax and tip came to $85. If 5 times the cost of the wine equaled 12 times the cost of the steak - how much did each cost?

Source: Cashin's Comments

You'll have to come back next week for the answer.

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