ART CASHIN: Planetary Alignments Could Trigger Earthquakes During The ‘Mayan Apocalypse’

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In recent months, UBS’s Art Cashin has been warning about increased earthquake activity driven by peculiar planetary and solar angles.In this morning’s “Cashin’s Comments,” he notes that another planetary alignment could trigger earthquakes during the period when we’re supposedly going to experience the Mayan apocalypse:

Coincident Anniversary And The Mayans – Pop culture has delighted in focusing on the December 21st Mayan calendar number.  Some have even projected the date as the end of the world.  (In fact, floor wags teased disconsolate Romney supporters after the election, by saying “Cheer up.  Sure Obama’s re-elected but the world’s gonna end in a month and a half.”)

Some traders note that the Mayan date comes reasonably close to the Anniversary of the great New Madrid earthquake of 1811.  They bring that up because, at least one planetary observer claims that the period of December 17 through 23 will have planetary alignments, which he claims may be conducive to more frequent and more powerful earthquakes on this planet.  This is not astrology.  It simply measures the angle of alignment as if you were observing from the surface of the sun.  Just one more thing to keep track of.

Back on Sept. 9, Cashin warned of increased earthquake activity just hours before a major earthquake struck off of the coast of Costa Rica.