ART CASHIN: Congress Has Less Time Than You Think

art cashin

Photo: CNBC

The clock is ticking for Congress to address the fiscal cliff.  Without a deal, billions of dollars worth of tax cuts and spending programs are scheduled to expire by year-end.But we have around a month and a half left, right?

Not really, says Art Cashin:

Plenty Of Time To Solve The Fiscal Cliff? – Media types keep suggesting we have until yearend to resolve the fiscal cliff problem.  While that is technically correct, it doesn’t jibe with the Congressional schedule.

Our elected officials will be taking off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah.  But they don’t adjourn for only a day.  According to the current schedule, Congress is scheduled to meet 12 more days this year.  Calm down – they can handle it.

Maybe it’s time to start prepping about the worst-case scenario.

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