PRESENTING: 5 Art Cashin Brain Teasers That Drove Wall Street Bananas This Week

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Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services’ director of floor operations, is known for his daily letter Cashin’s Comments.He’s also known for putting a piece of trivia (usually logic, maths or history) at the end of every letter.  

The brain teasers are a lot of fun and we always look forward to learning the answer the following day. (Of course, Google is for cheaters.)

Here are the 5 trivia questions from this week’s Cashin’s Comments.  We put the answer on each subsequent slide.

We kick things off with the answer to last Friday’s question.

Good luck!  

Last Friday's Question

If 6 shamrocks and 3 dwarf potatoes cost 15 cents and the same amount would get you 9 dwarf potatoes and 3 shamrocks. What would it cost for 100 dwarf potatoes?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Last Friday's Answer

100 dwarf potatoes would cost you $1.00. (But what would you do with them?)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Question

Can they really ask that on a job application? Art was looking for a new mountain to climb. The interviewer asked how old he was. Art replied - 'I am 35 years old if you skip Saturdays and Sundays. How old was Art at this interview?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Answer

Art was 49 years old on that particular interview (5 out of 7 days times 49 years equals 35 years).

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Question

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are. Find these words within words. (Here's an example - hint 'beginning and first residents, 6, 10 - the answer is 'origin' (6) inside 'aborigines' (10)).

OK - start -

A) civic chaos (4); New Englanders (8)

B) get even (6); garbage collector (9)

C) slim (4); Union (9)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Answer

The words within words were:

A) Riot - Patriots;

B) Avenge - Scavenger;

C) Trim -- Matrimony.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Question

What two well-known five letter words end in 'y' but do not contain 'A,E,I,O, or U'?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Answer

The two well-known five letter words that end in 'Y' but have no regular vowels are: Pygmy and Gypsy.'

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Question

'I think my watch stopped' - When the day after tomorrow becomes yesterday, that 'today' will be as far from Sunday as 'today' would be from Sunday when the day before yesterday becomes tomorrow. What day of the week is today?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Answer

Boy did Sister Herman Joseph love these 'day before the day after' puzzles. We would set up the days of the week (some kids used a circle) and move 'today' around like a checker. In the puzzle we gave, one definition would move the checker 4 paces, in the next 3. Since that's asymmetrical, the answer would have to add up to 7, which would bring us back to - 'Sunday' - that's right.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Friday's Question

What is a 15 letter word in which none of the letters occur twice? (Pun Clue - You can bet on getting it right but don't make book on it!)

Source: Cashin's Comments

You'll have to come back next week for the answer.

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