5 Art Cashin Brain Teasers That Will Make You Feel Like An Idiot

Art Cashin

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Art Cashin, UBS Financial Services’ director of floor operations at the NYSE, never forgets to include a fun trivia question at the end of his daily newsletter, Cashin’s Comments.The questions are will typically test your logic, maths or history skills, and can get a bit frustrating because Cashin won’t release the answer until his newsletter the next day.

We collected the questions and answers from this week. Can you figure them out before you click the “next” button?

Last Friday's Question

It was for a good cause anyway - Half the floor turned out to watch a charity mini-marathon. The runners were Mike, Pete, Rich, Dan and Ed. Mike finished in front of Pete but behind Rich. Dan finished in front of Ed but behind Pete. What was the order of finish?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Last Friday's Answer

The order of finish was Rich, Mike, Pete, Dan and Ed.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Question

Work smarter not harder - If 6 people can paint 9 landscapes in a day and a half.....how many people would it take to paint 270 landscapes in 30 day??

Source: Cashin's Comments

Monday's Answer

It would take 9 painters to paint 270 landscapes in 30 days. (If six painters paint 9 landscapes in a day and a half, they paint 6 in 1 day or 1 per day per painter.)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Question

Tommy is bringing sandwiches to the game, but is stopped by 3 bullies. The first takes half the sandwiches in the bag plus half a sandwich. The second takes half of what's left plus half a sandwich. The third takes half of what Tom has left plus half a sandwich. Tom then discovers the bag is empty. How many sandwiches did he start with?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Tuesday's Answer

Tom started with 7 sandwiches. The first bully took half (3.5) plus half a sandwich (.5) which makes 4 in all. Etc., etc.

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Question

Jim Thorpe became world famous by winning the Pentathlon in the Olympics in 1912. An equally famous American placed fifth in the same event. Who was it? We know you know his name.

(Hint - he was also a great horseman.)

Source: Cashin's Comments

Wednesday's Answer

The famous American who competed with Jim Thorpe and placed 5th in the 1912 Olympic Pentathlon was - George S. Patton. (Some contend there were two different types of Pentathlons in 1912. We will research and report back.) Patton was said to have been denied the medal because judges would not believe that he shot three bullets through the same hole in the bulls eye (ala Robin Hood).

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Question

Vanna say 'Oh!' - While 'E' is everywhere, the letter 'O' can be prevalent. For example, Door to Door and Voodoo Doll are two common phrases of 10 letters having only 'o' for a vowel. Can you think of a 4 word phrase (15 letters) that has only 'o's' and means thorough or thoroughly?

Source: Cashin's Comments

Thursday's Answer

The common four word phrase that only has 'o' for a vowel is - 'From Top to Bottom.'

Source: Cashin's Comments

Friday's Question

Much to his parents' delight, Throckmorton has been accepted to a very competitive college. However, he must attend a pre semester prep - which he dubbed 'dumber summer.' As he picked up his books at the bookstore, he noted an odd thing - which he called to point out to his folks. He said - 'All but two of my books have blue covers. All but two have red covers and all but two have green covers. Since you're so smart Dad - how many text books do I have?' Well - how many does he have?

Source: Cashin's Comments

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