Arrington's CrunchPad Is Real, Shipping By November For $400

crunchpad newer

Mike Arrington’s CrunchPad — a touchscreen Web tablet — is real, and will reportedly ship for $400 by November.

With no local storage, no apps that aren’t Web-based, no desktop sync (that we’re aware of), and, most importantly, a limited marketing and distribution budget, we don’t think the gadget will have much of a chance against an Apple (AAPL) tablet, unless the price difference is astounding.  But hey, why not?

Earlier, Arrington had promised an event to unveil the CrunchPad in late July or early August.

But the scoop goes to the Singapore Straits Times, in an article called “World’s first tablet PC.” (Which is an incorrect description, unless they are using some strange definition of “tablet PC.”) A Singapore company called Digital Fusion is doing the actual work, which explains the unusual coverage.

It will reportedly include both wi-fi and 3G access — suggesting some sort of carrier partnership will need to be established; a custom OS based on Webkit — the browser guts Apple uses for Safari and Google for Chrome; and one USB port. At 13 inches by 8 inches, it won’t be small enough to put in a purse. But at 2.6 pounds, it will supposedly weigh less than a MacBook Air.

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