Arrington Doesn’t Have The Rights To The CrunchPad, Says Fusion Garage

chandra joojoo crunchpad

Michael Arrington does not have legal claim to the CrunchPad, now named the JooJoo, says Fusion Garge’s CEO, Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan.

When he showed off the web tablet in a video conference, he said, “there is no contract between Fusion and TechCrunch,” adding “Fusion owns all the intellectual property rights and product rights… TechCrunch didn’t contribute one line of code.”

Someone asked him how important TechCrunch’s promotion of the CrunchPad was to Fusion. Chandra downplayed it, saying, “Michael has created awareness,” but so has Microsoft, who has talked about tablets for years now.

“Fusion took all the risk,” says Chandra. “Michael made many promises, none of which came true.”

Arrington often talked of acquiring Fusion Garage but nothing came of it. When Fusion offered Arrington a non-controlling stake in the company, Chandra says Arrington became angry and moved on.

So too did Fusion. It plans on selling the JooJoo starting Friday.

“Michael has a flare for the dramatic,” he says. “No lawsuits” have appeared thus far, despite Arrington’s promises.

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