Arrest Order Issued For Ric Flair In North Carolina

The ongoing legal battle between TNA wrestling star the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and pro wrestling collectible company is coming to an end. How it will end will be up to Flair. Flair has been ordered to pay up or strut to jail on June 27.

This month’s Ric Flair legal story centres on the lawsuit that filed against Ric Flair last year. After failing to live up to the terms of mediation, North Carolina has issued an arrest order for Flair. Flair has been found in willful contempt of court and will either abide by the terms of the mediation or go to jail for a maximum period of 90 days beginning June 27.

According to the latest ruling, Flair has to either pay $35,000 or give up his NWA world championship belt to along with 300 signed photos (maybe it’s just me but I found that kind of humorous). The court found that Flair has the “assets and income required” to meet the terms of the agreement. Flair is now in contempt of court and has a month to make good on the restitution.

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