A-Rod's Reps: 'Bring It On And We Will See Major League Baseball In Federal Court'

Representatives of Alex Rodriguez denied reports that they are negotiating the length of his suspension with Major League Baseball and claim that the real negotiations are happening between MLB and the New York Yankees, according to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN.

Appearing on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” Saturday morning, Smith reported that A-Rod’s camp reached out to him and “adamantly stated” that they are not negotiating with MLB.

“Alex Rodriguez’ camp has adamantly stated, they are not negotiating, they don’t care. They are waiting for Major League Baseball ‘to bring it on.’ Those were their words. ‘And we will see them in Federal court. What are they waiting for? Stop talking us to death and bring on the suspension. Let’s go.’ These are their exact words.”

Smith added that any negotiations between A-Rod and MLB are “non-existent.” According to the representatives, the Yankees are trying to get Rodriguez’ contract voided which means they want A-Rod banned for life and MLB is deciding whether or not to “acquiesce to the wishes of the New York Yankees.”

Suspending Rodriguez for life would save the Yankees millions. In addition to the $US90 million still owed to A-Rod, the suspension could help the Yankees get their payroll under the luxury tax threshold which would save the club an addition $US10-20 million each year for the next several years.

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