A-Rod's Newest Blonde Girlfriend Is A Life Coach

ella magers

Alex Rodriguez broke up with his long-term girlfriend Cameron Diaz last month, and he hasn’t wasted any time finding a new lady to date.

Her name is Ella Magers, and shes a pretty, blonde, life coach.

But even before Ella came along, it seems A-Rod has always had a pretty girl on his arm.

Many of them, also blonde.

A-Rod was married once, to Cynthia Scurtis, they divorced in 2008

He was tied to Madonna for a short period of time after the divorce

After Madonna came actress Maritza Franco

Sometime in '08 rumours circulated he was dating fitness model Alicia Marie

And there were rumours he was hooking up with Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel

Model Melissa Britos was tied to A-Rod for a short time too

He also dated Kristin Davis, the one who helped Elliot Spitzer find hookers

In 2010, actress Kate Hudson dated A-Rod for a bit

And after he dumped Hudson for being too clingy, he moved right along to model Elaine Spotswood

And of course, his most recent, Cameron Diaz.

Besides being a life coach, Ella is a fitness guru

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