The Doctor Who Says Alex Rodriguez Isn't Really Injured Has Never Met Alex Rodriguez

alex rodriguez

The New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez took their public spat to a new level yesterday.

After the Yankees delayed A-Rod’s return to the team by giving him another minor league rehab assignment to heal his quad injury, a doctor named Michael Gross went on WFAN radio in New York and declared that Rodriguez isn’t really injured.

“To be perfectly honest. I don’t see any sort of injury there,” he said.

But Gross also acknowledged that he has never even met Rodriguez, ESPN reports. He talked to him on the phone and agreed to take a look at his MRI, but never formally examined him.

Gross told ESPN that he agreed to look at the MRI because he “thought it’d be fun.”

So this is what the Rodriguez camp is basing its conspiracy on — the second opinion of a doctor who never examined the patient in question. 

To heighten the drama, the Yankees are now reportedly looking into whether Rodriguez violated the collective bargaining agreement by seeking a second opinion without the team’s knowledge.

It’s a mess, and everyone looks bad.

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