Meet The Woman Who May Have The Most To Lose From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child Scandal

megan ellison

Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to keep his love child with his housekeeper a secret until he was out of the Governor’s office doesn’t mean the revelations aren’t going to take a huge professional toll on the former action star.

Schwarzenegger announced last week that he was putting all his upcoming projects for the foreseeable future, presumably in the hopes that eventually the furor will die down and he’ll be able to return to the screen at some point.

Alas for certain Hollywood power players the timing couldn’t have been worse. 

The announcement came just a week after 25 year-old producer Megan Ellison — daughter of Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison — managed to land the series, to the tune of $20 million, with Schwarzenegger as part of the package.

Whether Ellison will be left holding the multi-million dollar Terminator bag now that Schwarzenegger is out is unclear, according to Page Six, who quotes a source as saying there may be a out clause in her contract.

This is not Ellison’s first big move in Hollywood.  Back in February it was reported she had pulled two formerly-flailing projects from Paul Thomas Anderson (“There Will Be Blood,” “Magnolia”) from the brink: an adaptation of a Thomas Pynchon novel and a drama with thinly-veiled Scientology themes.  Did we mention she is just 25?