Here Are 10 Powerful People Who Had A Love Child Without Totally Imploding


The public is still reeling from the revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 10-year-old love child.

But soon, the more analytical questions will come into play: What does this mean for his career going forward, especially since he’s got a bunch of film and TV projects lined up?

The likely answer is: once this all dies down, Schwarzenegger will be just fine.

And he’ll join the ranks of these political, business and celebrity bigwigs who took a love-child-lickin’ and kept on kickin.’

Hey, remember that time late Senate stalwart Strom Thurmond had a baby with a teenage African-American maid? It was in 1925. And since it wasn't revealed til after his death, he completely got away with it.

Jesse Jackson admitted to an affair that produced a baby girl in 2001, shed some tears, and swiftly got back to the business of being Jesse Jackson.

Even Ben Franklin had one -- and it was raised by his common-law wife. Talk about rhetoric skills.

After Colombian politician Clara Rojas was taken prisoner by guerrillas in 2006, she had a baby with one of them. But she's still a player on the political scene, managing campaigns and lecturing at universities.

In 2009, the business world was shocked by the revelation that Richard Parsons had fathered a child with a model and philanthropist MacDella Cooper. And as of today, he's managing private equity relationships for Deloitte.

In 2010, news broke that South African president Jacob Zuma's had fathered a baby with the daughter of a World Cup official. Luckily, the fact that he'd made affairs a lifelong hobby kept him from permanent personal damage.

Former budget director Peter Orzag's love child -- with Greek heiress Claire Milonas -- was born shortly before he became engaged in 2010. He got to marry ABC News correspondent Bianna Golodryga shortly afterwards.

Estee Lauder CEO William Lauder fathered a child with Manhattan socialite Taylor Stein; the child's existence was revealed in 2007. But he's still holding strong atop the company.

Jackson clan patriarch Joe Jackson fathered an out-of-wedlock daughter who was born the day after Michael Jackson's 16th birthday. Jackson incorporated the girl into the family as a half-sister and convinced Katharine Jackson not to divorce him.

On second thought, there's no good way to spin this one -- John Edwards totally imploded. Maybe he can get a walk-on role in one of Arnold's movies.

Now check out what's cooking for fall at ABC.

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