Arnold Schwarzenegger DIDN’T Confess To Maria Shriver — Shriver Confronted Mildred Baena Herself

baena shriver

This makes more sense.

It turns out that Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly did not have the urge to confess his affair and love child to his wife, Maria Shriver.

Rather, Shriver confronted Mildred Baena, their housekeeper and the mother of the child, herself.

Shriver reportedly “suspected for a long time” that Baena’s son had been fathered by Schwarzenegger.

(TMZ has pointed out the resemblance between Baena’s son and Schrwazenegger. It’s visible even with two thirds of the kid’s face blurred out.)

Baena told Shriver the truth — then Schwarzenegger came clean to his wife.