Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the 'greatest Snapchat of all time'

Screenshot. Photo: lostnearhell/ Youtube.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is killing it on Snapchat.

The Hollywood actor and former governor of California posted a Snapchat, dubbed “the single greatest Snapchat of all time”.

In the 8-second long video, Schwarzenegger can be seen standing on a rooftop in Los Angeles as he turns the camera towards a helicopter in the background before delivering an epic one-liner from the 1987 science fiction film Predator:

“Get to the chopper!”

Fans have since taken to Twitter with some calling his Snapchat a “blessing” and “the most hilarious thing on the planet”.

Schwarzenegger has also joined in the conversation saying “there’s more where that came from” at his Snapchat username: ArnoldSchnitzel.

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