Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Paid Wladimir Klitschko The Tribute Of His Life On Twitter

Keep pumping, Wladimir.

This kind of cool, but a little bit awkward exchange took place on Twitter over the past couple of days in which the heavyweight champion and former Governator paid bromantic tributes to each other.

Last week, Klitschko, 37, posed in front of Arnie’s iconic Mr Universe pic with the message ‘Trying to catch u since I’m 12.’

Schwarzenegger was impressed, replying ‘Great shot! It’s fantastic to see one of my favorite champions nailing my pose.’

He then added: ‘Right back at you,’. And attached this pic.

That’s his Klitschko impression, in case you hadn’t noticed the poster in the background.

Schwarzenegger then told the Twitterati that he caught up with Klitschko after the pose-down and the two had dinner together.


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