Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Just Inducted Into This Hall Of Fame

Arnold Schwarzenegger accepting his award at Comic-Con.

Photo: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

He’s been the Terminator, detective John Kimble, and John Matrix, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger can add one more title to his list–IGN Action Hero hall of famer.The exciting news was revealed at yesterday’s “Expendables 2” panel during Comic-Con in San Diego. 

IGN—”the number 1 source for video games and entertainment news“—happily honored the former Governor’s work in action movies by adding him to the list of “supreme arse-kickers in movie history.” That is, into IGN’s Action Hero Hall of Fame.

According to IGN, Mr. Schwarzenegger has “come back to the big screen to entertain us. That’s why he’s one of the biggest stars in cinema history.”

Also a new inductee is “Expendables” co-star Sylvester Stallone, who has starred in the “Rocky” series, “Rambo,” and “Tango & Cash.”

You can watch IGN’s tribute video below.

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