The Attorney General Is Reportedly Investigating Arnold Schwarzenegger

Steve Job and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Buckle up. 

This Arnold Schwarzenegger debacle is going to get a lot worse before we stop having to hear about it.

Here’s the latest from RadarOnline.

They are reporting that the California Attorney General is launching an investigation to discover whether Schwarzenegger mis-used taxpayer funds to cover up his liaisons. 

The Californian Attorney General will conduct what’s being termed an “inquiry” into former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged misuse of tax payer funds to cover up sexual liaisons.

In a bombshell exclusive, has learned the Office of the Attorney General, a branch of the Department of Justice, is conducting a preliminary evaluation into the scope of Schwarzenegger’s double life, which allegedly included using his state-funded security details to cover up women being escorted into his hotel room.

No doubt whatever details emerge from this — so far the AG’s line is “no comment” — will be juicy and entertaining.  But considering Arnold is already out of office and the state of California is teetering on financial collapse, one wonders if its constituents will be thrilled to hear there money is being spent in this manner.   Maybe this will provide a nice distraction.