A former Green Beret who comes from a military family lays out why he supports football players kneeling during the national anthem

A former Green Beret laid out his reasoning for supporting Colin Kaepernick and other peaceful protestors in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

Michael Sand is a former Green Beret, and comes from a family of military servicemembers. As he wrote on Facebook, his father was a World War II veteran fighting fascism, he served in Vietnam fighting communism, and his son is currently serving in the Army fighting the Taliban and terrorism.

“Three vastly different enemies, but enemies who shared one common trait,” Sand writes. “ALL of them stifle free speech. All of them bully, degrade and terrorize those who hold opposing views and who peacefully express them.”

Sand’s post came in response to NFL players protesting by kneeling during the national anthem, a controversy that flared up last weekend when President Donald Trump came out against the protests. He wrote that he has seen posts calling these athletes “unpatriotic” for their actions.

Writing that he speaks for himself, his father, and his son, Sand wrote that “it is PRECISELY for men like [Colin Kaepernick], and his right to peacefully protest injustice, that we were willing to serve.”

Sand also suggested that Trump was “unpatriotic” in his sentiments.

Without using his name, Sand criticised Trump for deferring service due to “bone spurs,” as well as his comments criticising Sen. John McCain, who was held captive during the Vietnam War.

Read the full post below:

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