Lance Armstrong Tells A Weird Story About Calling A Doubter To Say She Wasn't Fat

One of the weirdest things that has come out of Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah tonight is the story of a phone call apology from Armstrong to Betsy Andreu. Andreu, who was one of Lance’s teammates’ wives, once came out and said she heard Armstrong admit to using PEDs while she was visiting him in the hospital when he had cancer.

Armstrong denied this was true, and called Andreu “crazy,” and a “b*tch.” Andreu allegedly also thought Lance called her fat, so Armstrong tried to make a joke out of it to Oprah by saying he called up Andreu and said something like, “Betsy, I may have called you some mean things, but I never called you fat.” Bizarre Lance, and really, not helping anything:

UPDATE: Andreu is furious about his “fat” comment:

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