The Shocking Moment A Manned, Armoured Police Vehicle Dropped From A Bridge

Yesterday a lot of people picked up on a video of an armoured police vehicle falling off the 6th of October bridge during protests in Cairo, Egypt.

The video is below. It’s especially shocking as, shot from ground level, the vehicle appears suddenly as if out of nowhere. Perhaps even more shocking is how the crowd, supporters of ousted President Morsi, run over and begin pelting it with stones.

Max Fisher of the Washington Post’s World Views blog picked up on the video, pointing out that AP photos appeared to show two severely injured police officers near the vehicle after it drops. It’s a distressing scene.

While Fisher and a number of other outlets suggested that the vehicle had been pushed off the bridge, a new video appears to tell a different story.

Shot from above, this video shows the vehicle reversing backwards along the bridge while being chased by a crowd. Apparently in a panic, the driver reverses into the side of the bridge, and the vehicle appears to fall off without being pushed:

The videos are just part of a growing collection of extraordinary images still coming out of Cairo.

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