U. Of Texas-Arlington Fraternity Shut Down After 3 Sexual Assaults Are Reported In Less Than A Month

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington has been
shut down by their national organisationafter three sexual assaults reportedly took place at the house in less than a month, NBC reports.

Citing local police logs, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that sexual assaults reportedly occurred on August 23 and 24, and Sept. 7 at the UTA Sig Ep fraternity house.

Sig Ep’s national office said in a statement to NBC Tuesday that “it has ordered the UTA chapter ‘to cease and desist operations.'” A Sig Ep representative from the national organisation met with UTA administrators and the fraternity said it is assisting with the investigation.

The assault on Sept. 7 was originally called in from a residence hall, and after the reported victim was transported to the hospital, she said she had been sexually assaulted at Sig Ep. Police declined to provide more information about the sexual assaults, according to The Star-Telegram, but one male student has reportedly been suspended by the university in connection with the September assault.

Sept. 7 was UTA’s “Bid Day,” when students recieved formal invitations to join a Greek organisation.

A fourth sexual assault at UTA was reported this weekend, and police have determined that is it unrelated to the other three this semester.

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