Alzheimer's Patient Awarded $34 Million After Getting Dropped By Her Insurance Provider

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Photo: Flickr / 4224

An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s has been awarded $34 million for being ditched by her insurance, reports Billings Gazette’s Clair Johnson.In 1997, Arlene Hull bought a long-term care policy from Mutual Protective Insurance. It wasn’t long after that she was diagnosed with dementia and placed in a nursing home.

After going through several iterations, in 2010 the insurance company was bought by Ability Resources, which then decided to drop Hull’s benefits.¬†

The U.S. District Court in Billings, Montana, felt differently, however. According to Johnson, the court has awarded¬†Hull a whopping $250,000 for breach of contract by the provider, another $2 million for violating Montana’s Unfair Trade Practice Law, plus $32 million to cover punitive damages.

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