'Batman: Arkham Origins' Video Game Will Let You Play As The Villains

You’ll be able to fight as the dynamic duo when “Batman: Arkham Origins” hits stores in October.  

In the trailer below it’s Batman and Robin vs. the Joker’s gang vs. Bane’s gang. 3 on 3 vs. 2. 

While that may be a surprising feature of the next Batman video game from Warner Bros. Montreal (Rocksteady made the first two installments of the franchise), what’s new is that you’ll be able to play as the villains beating up the Bat and the Boy Wonder. 

The multiplayer isn’t being designed in-house by Montreal. Instead, indie British game developer Splash Damage which specialises in multiplayer first-person shooters (“Doom 3,” “Brink,” “Dirty Bomb”) is bringing the online multiplayer feature to life

“Batman: Arkham Origins” comes to stores October 25. 

Check out the multiplayer trailer:

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