A Five-Star Football Recruit Couldn't Commit To Arkansas Because His mum Stole His Paperwork

alex collins

Photo: YouTube

In the oddest story of college football’s National Signing Day, five-star recruit Alex Collins has been unable to officially commit to Arkansas because of his mother.According to ESPN’s Corey Long, Collins’ mother stole his national letter of intent (the paperwork you send when you pick a school) and then left the school because she didn’t want her son to go out of state.

They are now looking for her.

Here’s what he said on ESPN (via SB Nation):

“The papers are not there. I’ve been told by two different sources that Alex Collins’ mum confiscated the papers and took off and ran with them. They are looking for her currently. From what I understand, Alex is not at the school right now, he is looking for his mum. She was quite torn up about him leaving.”

Collins, who is from Florida, verbally committed to Arkansas on Monday. He was previously considering Miami.

Hawgs247 reported that Collins didn’t show up to the ceremony where he was supposed to sign his paperwork today because he wanted more time to think about his decision.

ESPN ranks Collins as the 57th best high school player in the country.

We’ll be updating here if something happens.

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